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AARON hinish
sculptor, managing partner

I’ve found the task of describing myself extremely challenging, which I blame on the reality of wearing so many hats over the last five years. Designer. Project Manager. Husband. Carpenter. Mason. Business Owner. Father. Customer Service. Landscape Architect. Laborer. Metal Fabricator. Accounts Receivable. Plant Procurement Specialist. Furniture Maker. Irrigation Tech. Quality Control. Marital Therapist. General Contractor. The list goes on… but in the whirlwind of bringing what you see in our portfolio to life, the question still remains. Who am I? 
At my core, I am a sculptor. My medium is land. I sculpt land beneath your feet, between you and your neighbors home, on rooftops and along mountainsides. Through complex processes of physical and ecological manipulations along with the innate understanding of human psychology and architecture, I’m able to form bare earth into gardens that extend your ability to live, outside. My goal is to blend the built and natural, ground the refined architectural elements into the earth as if they were always there and create a connection between the user and the space to actually invoke an emotion each time they enter. 

BS, Landscape Architecture
West Virginia University


The power of creative expression comes from the mind and hand. Our knowledge, interactions and passions come to life when they are physically translated into an object- for others to experience. Personally, it is the practice of drawing, painting, cooking and crafting where I have been able to reveal my truest self.

Moments as a child where I played in my family’s garden is what fueled my interest in the natural world. I was typically seen staring at liatris and bumblebees for hours, or curled up on stamped concrete to soak up the boiling sun of July. Even after moving twice, it is the place where I call home. Today as a landscape designer who studied at the University of Washington, I have an expanded toolkit for expression. I hope to use forms, colors and textures in the environment to engage the senses, ultimately targeting curiosity and further strengthening the bond between people and place. They say that a picture speaks a thousand words, but an experience speaks infinitely.

BLA, Landscape Architecture
University of Washington


HADIZA hinish
creative director, managing partner

“The currency of civilization is art.” Art exists to me in infinite forms,as the expression of our complexity, yet as the simple language we all can see to form understanding from. I found design speaking to me from a young age, in the black lines of interior plans my father doodled on countless surfaces, in the ease of exploration along the Mediterrenean as a curious teenager, or in the way culture shaped the attire, lifestlye and place across countries I grew up in. Design is connection, attention to detail, and I nurture the ability to dive in further, to learn the importance of the speicific.

To me, being a designer is the  most enriching experience because it means iteration, it means diving in, but it also means pulling back and reflecting. There are lessons to be learned from working that reflect back on the personal, and ultimately that is the goal, to curate spaces, objects and places down to the use on a personal level. For me, the desire to create gives me the desire to live. 

BS, Landscape Architecture
West Virginia University


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