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HINISH DC  is a vibrant, innovative studio based out of Los Angeles and Portland, OR.  Founded in 2017 in Dallas, Texas by Aaron & Hadiza Hinish, the studio quickly outgrew it’s role as a sub-consultant for more established firms. In 2018 Aaron & Hadiza moved to Portland where they established a diverse client base in the quickly developing real estate market of the PNW. In 2022, Aaron expanded into Los Angeles with the intent to cultivated his approach to complex design solutions for both residential and commercial clients. Areas of focus include rooftop and urban gardens, private estates, community work and hospitality including boutique hotels, eco resorts, restaurants & venues. 

Formally trained in playwrighting, ceramics, acting, sculpture, the fine arts and landscape architecture, each member of the studio brings a unique perspective to the table. We pride ourselves in the ability to define a narrative and visually represent our intent.

Hinish Portrait.jpg

Interior curated by Hadiza

Aaron’s approach is multidimensional, starting with a foundation in both Landscape Architecture and Sculpture. Each project is viewed as a canvas of which earth, architecture, ecology and materiality are manipulated digitally through the design process, and physically by the hands of skilled craftsmen, ultimately creating a 3 dimensional space unique to the user and their needs. Unique to the existing architecture and most importantly, unique to the existing topographical and ecological constraints & opportunities.

The canvas of a landscape architect is not flat, nor square, nor sterile.  It’s exposed, raw and alive. The complexity of creating living, usable art, art that can define a way of life or be powerful enough to ground architecture into the earth is challenging. When commissioned to create a garden that is living, a space where the human user is a visitor, we must cultivate an intimate understanding of our client and the land of which they intend to inhabit. Only then can we begin to pull away layers, exposing the potential each parcel of earth has to offer. 


“We are guests of the garden.

Only as visitors do we witness it’s beauty”

Hadiza’s philosophy which Aaron has embodied is simple, and resonates passionately through each of his projects. The use of lush planting and naturalistic massings settle the refined architectural elements, appearing seamlessly carved into the earth as if it has always existed. The use of stone, metal and wood in each garden is intentional. The introduction of materiality creates unique character within the space, and in combination with layers of vertical and understory planting, a sense of space is defined, becoming a recognizable experience each time someone enters. As stewards of land, this cultivated experience is our ultimate goal. Our artistry is to create a seamless, subconscious transition between home and garden, built and natural… an extension of the interior outward, opening a dialog between us and the land beneath our feet. 

Our process is straightforward. We accept a limited number of commissions each year to ensure the quality of our work and allow time to build relationships with each of our clients. In early stages of the design process, we encourage collaboration with our clients to help tailor the program of the garden to their specific needs and wants, as well as to help define an aesthetic complementary to the architecture and interior décor of the home. Once the programming is defined, we ask our clients to respectfully allow space for us to create. The process to develop a conceptual set is lengthy but thorough. We visit the site often and if possible, we prefer to spend time studying our client and their family’s lifestyle. As inspiration builds, the design is refined through an iterative process, continuously adding and subtracting layers, altering spatial relationships and playing with materiality and plant palette.

Once the conceptual design is complete, we begin the selective process of assembling the team who will translate our thoughts into 3 dimensional spaces.  Aaron personally oversees the construction of only a few projects each year, most taking two to six months.. some installations span years. While the approach varies based on the scope, scale and complexity, no project would be possible without the collaboration of specialized craftsmen, nursery stock growers and material suppliers who are all passionate about their role in each of our commissions. Creating beautiful gardens is slow, difficult work and is truly a labor of love. Each space is completely custom, often pushing the boundaries of our construction team with the technicality of certain elements.  We know that going in... and our team expects it when they answer our call.


Ultimately, our paycheck is a necessity of life, but the reason we spend years cultivating a single garden is to visit it decades later knowing it will be there for generations after we’re gone. 


As one of Hadiza's favorite quotes says... “The currency of civilization is art.”   

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